Why Use a Framework?

Why Use a Framework? In a web developer’s life, a framework helps the speed of production. Much like JavaScript frameworks like MooTools or jQuery, CSS frameworks like the 960 Grid System, or server-side scripting frameworks like Ruby on Rails or CakePHP, WordPress theme frameworks achieve the same sort of efficiency, reduction of errors through cross-browser … More Why Use a Framework?

How to create shortcode in wordpress

Create shortcode 1) Open  function.php 2) Create a function and do something with the function. Example: function myfunction(){ echo ‘Hi! My Name is Dharminder Singh’; } add_shortcode (‘ myfunction_shortcode’,’myfunction’); 3) Here ‘add_shortcode’ function (WP function) is used for create short code of your function, First parameter is used for short code and second is your … More How to create shortcode in wordpress