How to create custom post type along with taxonomy

In WordPress custom post type plays vital role to manage administration panel. What is custom post type? Suppose you want your blog to have separate section related to resorts and countries where they are situated. By using custom post type you can create a new section where you can store any kind of information. Custom … More How to create custom post type along with taxonomy

Why Use a Framework?

Why Use a Framework? In a web developer’s life, a framework helps the speed of production. Much like JavaScript frameworks like MooTools or jQuery, CSS frameworks like the 960 Grid System, or server-side scripting frameworks like Ruby on Rails or CakePHP, WordPress theme frameworks achieve the same sort of efficiency, reduction of errors through cross-browser … More Why Use a Framework?

How to create shortcode in wordpress

Create shortcode 1) Open  function.php 2) Create a function and do something with the function. Example: function myfunction(){ echo ‘Hi! My Name is Dharminder Singh’; } add_shortcode (‘ myfunction_shortcode’,’myfunction’); 3) Here ‘add_shortcode’ function (WP function) is used for create short code of your function, First parameter is used for short code and second is your … More How to create shortcode in wordpress